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Kamalatmika Yantra

The Great Cosmic Power of Peace and Universal Treasures removes poverty of all kinds by being brilliant and full of excellence. As a manifestation of the energy of delight and the power of perfect happiness, he embodies poetry, aesthetics and purity, offering the support of the phenomenal world.


The state of reconstructed unity, the embodiment of everything desirable.

In and beyond manifestation

Kamalatmika, the Great Cosmic Power of Peace and Universal Treasures is the beginning and the end of our worship before the Eternal Goddess. Initially, we approached the Divine Mother seeking help in fulfilling human needs and desires such as health, prosperity and happy destiny. Later, by completing the understanding of the Divine Mother, we realize her presence in all things and experiences of life, and in the realization that there is nothing outside her. She is in everything and beyond any manifestation.


Kamalatmika is based in the heart chakra of the subtle body, which is the place of devotional worship. She is the delight of the heart and the desire for beauty and perfect happiness. Visualize this perfect fulfillment as divine grace that comes naturally into the hearts of all beings.


In life, the most wonderful thing is the devotion to the Divine. Living in the spirit of devotion to the Divine Presence, we find in all and all beauty and incomparable wealth. The Great Cosmic Power of Peace and Universal Treasures, Kamalatmika embodies this spirit of dedication and offers everything we could seek outside or inside. The prayer addressed to her is the prayer for a Divine existence, infinite, eternal and perfect, for consciousness and happiness. This is true worship in the face of universal eternal peace and treasure that puts an end to all outward search.


Kamalatmika is the recognition of the divine beauty manifested in the world of nature. To achieve this, you must meditate on the rays of the Sun, not as material forces, but as powers of divine light, of life and of love that nourish all things and cause them to grow not only physically, but with intelligence and virtue. The rays of the Sun, as shown in ancient Egyptian art and the Rig Veda lyrics, are the hands of God, through which we are touched by divine grace and enlightened.


Kamalamika presides over the state of world consciousness that the practitioner - Sadhaka - seeks to restrain and eventually overcome. His grace reveals to us what is "here and now" and helps us in the light to transcend.

The Divine Presence

The recognition of the divine presence in the forms of beauty and splendour is offered to the Great Cosmic Power of Peace and Universal Treasures, Kamalatmika. This can be done by appreciating art or music, a beautiful sunrise, a wonderful face or just the joy of being alive. Also, Kamalatmika manifests itself when we participate in whatever is creative and spiritual in the work. All forms of devotional worship are aspects of the Great Cosmic Power of Peace and Universal Treasures Kamalatmika. More specifically, working with yantra or puja - offering flowers, incense, light and food - are ways to honour the Great Cosmic Power of Peace and Universal Treasures, Kamalamika. These should be done by recognizing that the outer form is nothing more than a reflection of the Great Cosmic Power of Universal Peace and Treasure that is in our hearts.


Light, delight and beauty.

This powerful energy is the energy of the divine mother who manifests equally and impartially and is the intense force of movement of a solar system but also of maintaining and organizing the life of an anthill. It is the illusion of size, of a quantity that causes us to look at one above and the other at a smaller. If we look, on the contrary, not at the mass of quantity, but the force of quality, we will say that the ant is above the solar system in which it lives, and the man above all the inanimate nature. But this, again, is just the illusion of quality. When we go beyond and look only at the intensity of the movement where quality and quantity are only aspects, we realize what the Divinity manifests equally throughout existence.

Sry Aurobindo

Real spiritual progress is truly and accurately measured by the calmness, serenity and calmness that you manifest in your waking state.

Swami Shivananda

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Yantra means to support or instrument. A Yantra is essentially a geometrical composition, a sacred instrument for contemplation, focus and meditation.

To understand its true nature, our concepts of geometry must give way to those of dynamics so that we can then realize the power of yantra which increases in proportion to the accuracy of the diagram and the power of abstraction.

Its action can be seen as a physical, psychological and spiritual opening towards understanding the mystery. Thus, yantra stimulates man to explore and reveal to him the mystery that is a link between him and the cosmos.

A Yantra can be as monumental Indian temple or as small pendant. Regardless of its size, it marks different stages in the spiritual pilgrimage of man. Our Yantras for the moment are available in two forms, printed and original painted work.

Jung’s experiments have shown that such a symbol is not “manufactured,” but discovered through internal sources. Yantra springs from a universal human constraint and embodies ethereal principles that do not depart from life, physically and spiritually.

Yantra acts as a key and unlocks the relationship with the corresponding energies in the personal as well as in the collective consciousness. They function as revealing symbols of cosmic truths and as a graphic instruction of the spiritual aspect of human experience. All the primary forms of Yantra are psychological symbols corresponding to the inner states of human consciousness, through which it is possible to control and extend the psychic forces.

The common elements of the yantras are bindu or the central point; triangle; square and circle.
In yantra, they function as “thought-forms”, which are so constructed that the aspirant understands through them the particular patterns of force or dynamics. To fully identify yourself with the configuration of a yantra means to “realize” or release the inherent forces that each form denotes.

Kamalamika, the Great Cosmic Power of Peace and Universal Treasures reveals to us the beauty of the perception through which we see divinity in everything.

Her invocation is the invocation of prosperity, power and hidden treasures.